[Source] Black freshwater pearls

Hello all:

I am looking for a source for black freshwater pearls… preferrably
baroque or rice shaped, drilled as beads. I understand that these
would be dyed black or as close to it as I can get (many call it
’peacock’, but often those are more blue than black).

I have found that these are difficult to find, that they are not
carried often or I have heard ‘Sorry, we don’t have any of those at
this time’. Found a manufacturer/supplier in Hong Kong, but I think
their minimum order to the states is too much for my current 'pearl’
budget (still waiting to hear back from them… I believe they
mentioned they are attending the Hong Kong show)… [I think Tucson is fun, can’t imagine what Hong Kong is like!]

If anyone out there has a reputable source, I would really
appreciate being able to pursue that direction. Thanks in advance
for any help!

Heidi Peters
HP Designs

Hi Heidi,

I’ve gotten black pearls from Thunderbird that I’m quite happy with.
Also, if you aren’t in a rush, there’s a bulk pearl buy from
Treasure Island Pearls opening on the Creative Wire Jewelry Forum on
October 1st.

If you need any more info on either source, just let me know.

Hope this helps!

I have a source but it’s deep South in Mexico and doesn’t ship or
sell in much quantity. On hand I have 2 strands of large rice-shaped
ones(about6-7 mm long, 5-6mm wide. You can have them for $40 if you
want. 'Leaving for Mexico in a few weeks and maybe can send more
from there.

I bought 6mm black drilled pearls from www.oriental.com - currently
listed at 33.99 per strand. They also have other sizes.


I have dealt in person with Majestic Pearl, at International Gem
shows. They have a very wide selection of colors, grades, and
shapes. I’ve never tried them on line, but have been happy with all
my puchases from them so far.

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You could try accentsbeads.com. They seem to have a nice selection
of pearls. I have never dealt with them, so I couldn’t tell you
about the quality or service.

Happy hunting.

The Joseph P. Stachura Co. in Uxbridge, MA, lists “peacock” fresh
water pearls with a black body color in their catalog. I have been
buying from Stachura for several years and find them to be honest,
very pleasant, and very customer oriented. They are wholesale only so
you have to have a sales tax resale number and trade references.

Phone 508-278-6525,


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Dale Molloy
Fall River, MA

Strahura is fine, Joe,Jr. is very knowledgable, been doing business
with them for twenty-five years. Do bare in mind that all black
freshwater pearls are either dyed or irradiated. Closest I’ve ever
seen that were natural were a bronzy-purple. Bought em in Hong Kong
a few years ago but haven’t seen any since.

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Hi Heidi,

I have been buying my pearls from Mr. Yasu Matsuda at Kobe Precious
Pearl. He has never asked for a minimum order, I have ordered just
one pearl and was treated as if I were his most important client.
The prices are good, shipment fast, and there has always been a
follow-up email to make sure I was happy.

I asked and he replied back that he does have Black Freshwater

I normally purchase baroque pearls, and I have been more than
satisfied when I receive my order. I cant imagine ever looking
anywhere else for pearls after the courtesy and value I have received
from him.

I woulndn’t normally recommend anyone to the Orchid list if I didn’t
have the upmost faith in their prices, service and value.

Here is his contact data:

website: http://www.portnet.ne.jp/~kobe-p-p/homee.htm
e-mail: kobe-p-p@portnet.ne.jp


Love and God Bless -randy http://www.rocksmyth.com