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[Source] Black Diamond Beads


Hey everyone,

I’ve been lurking these forums for a while now and this is my first
post, so try and take it easy on me… :wink:

I’m not too sure if anyone here could help me, but it seems to be my
only resort.

I’m looking for a strand of black diamond beads 2.0-2.5mm with as
large a hole in the centre as I can get (around 0.5mm). It seems as
though I have exhausted all the diamond wholesalers in Australia
looking for them, and I hear they are quite common overseas but I am
having trouble finding some diamond dealers out there. So if anyone
knows someone who sells what I’m after, their contact info would be
greatly appreciated…

It’s for a competition piece so I’m kind of in a bit of a panic :wink:


Jonathon Calleija
Sydney, Australia


Hi Jonathan,

Several years ago, I got a string of faceted black diamonds at the
Tucson show from A-One Gems in NYC (

The string was about 3 mm in diameter with a.25 mm hole. The big
problem is. that if I had to guess I’d say the holes were drilled
with a laser. As such the hole is not straight though the stone but
come in at an angle from each side. The result is a knife edge in
the center of the stone. If the stone is to be used in a piece that
will subject the material the stones is strung/mounted on to any kind
of movement, The point is the center of the stone could cause
premature failure of the mounting/stringing component.

Usual disclaimers,


Hi Jonathon

I too am in Sydney and am very familiar with the difficulty you are
having! I trust you have tried Ajits already?

I purchase rough etc from Mark at Rockdeco,, he is
set up to export to Australia (Kimberley cert etc) and is really nice
to deal with. I decided to deal with him as he has been mentioned
several times on this forum as a reputable supplier of rough. I know
he has black diamond cube beads in stock, you’ll need to ask him
about calibrated stock though.

Good luck with the competition.



At a recent MJSA meeting in NY I saw some black diamond necklaces
which might be what you are looking for. The exhibitor was the TAJ
beading co. Their website is

HTH Dr J. Dule

#5 will be able to help you.



I would recommend Oriental Gemco out of NY. I believe they will have
better drill holes than the other companies mentioned.

oriental gemco (ny) inc. 56 west 45th street 5th floor new york ny
10036 usa phone: 212-391-5801 fax: 212-391-5803 e-mail:

All the best, Reba


I saw a few different suppliers at the bangkok show this year selling
black diamond beads of the type you’re speaking of, prices were
around 25 to 40 dollars a carat. I didn’t buy them so don’t remember
the names of the companies but at least that gives you some idea of
the price.

Good luck.



Purchased a couple of strands and also briolette not long ago from:

Sparkles and Colors Inc.

They were $30.00 per Ct.