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[Source] Bergeon Goldsmithing Plier

Hi All,

I am trying to hunt down a jewelry supplier that sells a Bergeon
goldsmithing plier.

Any leads?

Karen Christians
Waltham, MA

good morning, try national jewelers supply in medford

a no bennett street graduate 06

karen, i hope you are successful finding these pliers because i want
them too. i tried to find them a few years ago after blaine lewis’s
praise in the mjsa journal / article “tool junkies.” (if
orchidians wouldlike to read it or read it again:

i know karen has read it because she was one of the writers! i
searched on the internet, emailed otto frei and jules borel, but was
unsuccessful. i have fantasized about a company like rio grande
teaming with bergeon to make them again. perhaps if enough of us on
orchid would show an interest…

jean adkins

Top of this Otto Frei page…

you may want to grind off the serrations.

Rick Hamilton
Perhaps the pliers in question are #6785


Karl Fischer GMB [ ] have a
product that seems to be similar to the Bergeon goldsmithing pliers
that you described. Their catalogue number is 4572. Unfortunately
there is no image on the web but it exists in their catalogue and I
am certain Fischer’s will send an image if you email them.

Mike kersley
Herts UK

Hi Gang,

While these are not the Bergeron jewelers pliers, one of them may
work for your application.

Go to the site. Select ‘Shop Tools’, then select
’Pliers & Wrenches’.

When the page comes up, at the bottom of the page, select page 3 of
5. Select the picture in the upper right corner. While this isn’t a
locking pliers, it is a smooth jaw pliers & the small one opens to 1
1/4". Depending on how tight something must be held, a heavy rubber
band or wire may be suffice to wrap around the handle.

The other pliers to look at on this page is the center picture in he
bottom row. It’s a true locking pliers, but the jaws are serrated.
It’ may be possible to cover the serrated jaws with Jett Sett or a
piece of sheet metal bent to conform to the jaws.

No connections, just a satisfied customer.


Is this the plier that you are talking about??

I found it on the Bergeon site. Catalog is in 4 languages but easy
to navigate.

Judy Hoch

Hi Karen,

Would a cheaper, but solidly-built alternative suit you?

How about a vintage BMC plier? Unfortunately, they are no longer
made, which is a crime, because they are a wonderful, well-designed,
quality tool that have no peer in today’s market as far as I know. At
my bench, I have one set with bare steel jaws, another with leather
epoxied on the jaws, and another with copper jaw wraps (my
modifications). Best of all, instead of shelling out $150+ for the
Bergeon pliers, I bought my BMCs for about $10 apiece.

Basically, the BMC plier is a locking plier that functions much like
traditional Vise Grips, except that, I dare say, it is far superior
to its more common, and clumsy, cousin. In functional terms, it has
much more in common - and is nearly identical to - the high-priced
Bergeon pliers.

Whereas the Vise Grip jaw pivots - and therefore closes at various
angles (depending on the size of the object to be gripped), the BMC
jaws always close and lock parallel, just like the Bergeon pliers.
Also, instead of the concave jaw profile of the Vise Grip, the BMCs
have flat jaws, which I find more useful (again, like the Bergeon
pliers). The only downside to the BMC plier is that the jaws are
heavily serrated (the Bergeons are also serrated, though not so
heavily). On the plus side, however, the first 1/4" or so of the lip
of the jaw on the BMCs is NOT serrated at all. Finally, the distance
between the jaws is infinitely adjustable (up to 1 inch) with a
barrel screw located in the body of the plier (in the Bergeon, the
adjustment screw which serves the same function is located above the
jaws, but the Bergeon plier does not open nearly as wide, I

Check eBay or any other used/vintage tool source for a BMC #7
locking plier/wrench (if eBay, try search terms such as "BMC plier"
or “BMC wrench” or “BMC vise” - usual diclaimer here…I’m not
selling pliers on eBay). The “7” is a designation of its overall
length, 7 inches, which is best suited to most of our uses as
jewelers. BMC also made a #9 and #11, 9 and 11 inches long,
respectively. I liked my #7 so much I bought a 9 and 11 too (I’m a
tool hound).

Good luck on your search. I hope this helps.

John de Rosier
Albany, NY

I have found these pliers to be very useful. The adjustable pressure
feature allows be to keep pressure on a joint while TIG welding
without crushing the molten metal. I like the ability to attach and
release the pliers with one hand. I saw them the first time at my
welding supply shop.

Kevin Lindsey

I’m not familiar with the Bergeon parallel pliers, but have used the
Maun version for many years. I was under the (probably miss-)
apprehension that Maun invented the them. Anyway, for those in UK,
try the following supplier…

or, for USA, try…

I hope this helps.
Regards, Gary Wooding