[Source] Bench pin holder

I’m looking for a source for a bench pin holder/anvil/ring mandrel
holder. I have an old one from a manufacturer called Coffey that went
out of business a number of years ago. I thought I saw one recently
like it from someone for about $50 but I can’t seem to find the
source again. I’m wondering if someone out there knows a source.

Bob Rush

I would like to know also, what I am finding is Chinese made stuff,
good to a point. I think Kitt Industries stocks the stuff,


Is this round Aluminum that you can turn as a Turret. I have one
Price would be $38.00. Let me know the zip code & we can give you the
shipping cost.

Kenneth Singh

Hi Bob,

Stephen Wyrick here,

Can you give me a rough drawing of this holder because I think I may
have one.

I will await your paper drawing.

Hi Bob;

I think Allcraft carries those. Don’t have their catalog here at
home, but I think a Google search would turn them up.

David L. Huffman

As a lurker and amateur jewelery maker, I truly appreciate this list!
My wife has a turquoise and silver earring with the post broken off.
I’ve silver soldered, but I’m not going to work on this one - the
turquoise is probably the ground and glued variety, and all four
small turquoise cabs need to be removed before it is soldered, then
replaced. The item is a native American piece about 20 odd years
old, sentimental but not expensive, and I’d like to fix it for the
lady that makes my life worthwhile. I’m in Portland Oregon - are
there any list members or recommendations of a jeweler that would be
good at this, in my area? Or, would one of you be willing to work on
this via mail/UPS/FedX etc? We have already had one much nicer piece
destroyed by a “repairman” that refused to remove the stone before he
ruined it, and we don’t want that experience again, especially with
the less stable glued turquoise. Other than that, I’m not about to
tell someone how to do something they know more about than I do. Off
list is probably the best,

Rex Bosse


A possible solution would be to remove the post on the other earring
then file both earrings smooth on the back and make new earrings to
"remount" the old ones into.


Seattle Findings has an exact copy of the old Coffey unit for about $30. I found it recently in their catalogI have one of the Coffey units that I have been using for about 30 years or so and i love it. We are going to get some of these for our college jewelry classroom.
Bob Rush

I got one for Valentine’s Day one year! Oval mandrel for bracelets and two ring mandrel so, one for small sizes and one for larger sizes. One of the best gifts ever.Cheers,Karen

please explain old Coffey unit.

Check the Contenti (@The_Contenti_Company) web catalog. They are one of the sponsors listed on the main site. They have an item termed a “Universal mandrel holder” listed there. It is priced at $28.50, and is identical to one I owned years ago.

I always start with Google. Type in something like “mandrel bench pin anvil clamp on”. At the top of the page you can move from web page index to images. From the image you like you can go to the web site. Some are not things for sale, but you should find what you are looking for fairly fast.
Steve Ramsdell