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[Source] Australian Tiger Eye

    I'm looking for a particular stone originally sold as
Australian Tiger Eye.  

G’day Nancy; I just had a look at what you put up on the SoHo
website, and it is nothing at all like what I have bought and
used for many years as tiger eye, from Aussie. The stone I
use has fairly fine banding in shades of a golden yellow, and
when cut and polished as a cab, shows a great deal of chatoyance
due to the long fine asbestos fibres embedded in the matrix. It
really does have the appearance of a feline eye and is a
beautiful stone. What I saw on that website looks more like an
agate to me. But don’t get me wrong: I’m not contradicting you
(much as it may sound like it!) but it isn’t like the stone I
have. Goes to show, don’t it?

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