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[Source] Asbestos powder

Where can I get asbestos powder? (Yes, I know it’s danerous.)

Hi Doc;

Where can I get asbestos powder? (Yes, I know it's danerous.) 

I seriously doubt you’ll find any, and I wouldn’t want to get
anywhere near it. But, back in my early trade shop days, we used to
use something that, at the time, I thought was powdered asbestos. We
mixed it with water to make a thick paste to keep stones protected
from heat during soldering. Turns out it was a product called
"Feldina" which was actually a feldspar compound of some sort.
Gesswein used to carry it, but the last time I called them to order
some they told me the manufacturer is no longer making it. It was
real “old school” but I thought it worked better than the gelatenous
stuff like “Kool Jool”, etc. Yes, I’ve tried Stuller’s product, and
it works well, but it’s still gooey. Fine sand with a little water
works well, even tissue paper wetted and worked into a paste.

David L. Huffman

Yeah, whatever it was, it was the best heatsink I ever found. Ok,
anyone know where to get asbestos sheet? I’ll make my own. And you
should know, the dry asbestos, airborne is what gets in ones lungs.
Mixed with water, it is safe

I hope you are not mistaken it was Ochra Powder that looks like
Asbestos came in a tall slender tin can. Dixon-Grobet sold this and I
think they still do. There is a paste version of this available (Cool