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[Source] Argentium wire in Australia

I am trying to source some Argentium wire (20 ga and 24 ga DS) for my
son, who lives in Oz.The place(s) that I have found only accept
payment through Paypal. But… I am having problems with paypal for
some reason, they don’t like the fact that I live in Venezuela, have
a billing address in Dallas Texas and want a product delivered to a
town in Australia. I mean really…how suspicious can you be ? So
if anyone knows of a reputable supplier that I can contact online and
charge directly to my Amex card without going through paypal, I
would very much appreciate the info.

John Bowling

You might try I’ve found they are friendly &
helpful folks.

All the best

Dear John,

(sorry, I always wanted to do that!)

Anyhoo, if you want supplies in Australia for metal, on the East
Coast there is Twin Plaza Metals, P J Williams, John Lazos, (all
Melbourne) and a & e metals in Sydney.

There are also good jewellery tool suppliers who are very helpful
and will direct you to sources, House of Jewellery, Sydney;
Australian Jewellery Supplies, East Coast; and Koodaks of
Melbourne.They all have websites pretty much so you can google them.

They are also on a general site called Yellow Pages or White Pages
telephone directory which will give you more contact
Just persevere, there are very many Jewellery supplies/metal sources
particularly on the East Coast that I know of as it is quite a
centre for design and manufacture; in Melbourne alone there are
three Universities within spitting distance who all teach
silversmithing (RMIT, MONASH and MELBOURNE UNI’S).

Cheers, Kathleen.