[Source] Argentium tubing suppliers

Hello Orchidians! Rio Grande no longer sells Argentium Sterling
Silver tubing. Does anyone know who does? I’d really rather not have
to make it myself if I don’t have to. Thanks to all and be creative.

G & S Metals in Ann Arbor, Michigan carries seamless tubing in two
wall thicknesses.

No affiliation, just a happy customer.


I’m noticing that suppliers are dropping a lot of standard mill
products now. Once, I needed 2 g. triangular wire, and Stuller had
it. The next week, when I was ready to order it once I got the
deposit, Stuller had discontinued it. In the space of 1 week,
suddenly it was gone. Same with full bead wire. Had to wait almost a
month to get the 2g. triangular wire from Hauser and Miller.

It seems like all what is being carried is just standard round,
square and half-round wire, and sheet metal, in fewer gauges. I wish
David H. Fells Co. would bring back their pattern sheet metal. Even
Metalliferous doesn’t carry as much as they used to. Too bad - in a
time where we could order almost anything, it is getting harder to
find what we used to get. Now that Rio Grande is owned by
Berkshire-Hathway, I’m sure there will be less products to choose
from as under-preforming products are dumped for more sell able
products. As a result, I have to spend more andmore time looking for
the hard to find products I require.

Now with the government shutdown, people are buying less now.


You might try Stuller seamless tubing in Sterlium Plus metal.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

I found this:

Hope that it helps!
Kit Mandau