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[Source] Anodized aluminum disks

Hello everyone,  I am wondering if anyone can suggest a source
(other than Metalliferous) for purchasing pre-cut disks and other
shapes in anodized aluminum.  I have been ordering from
Metalliferous for the past few years but have recently had too
many bad experiences with that Company.  They have a very bad
attitude toward small customers and I am tired of putting up with

Grace, sorry to hear about your bad experiences with Metalliferous.
But I can’t let this go by without noting that my own experiences
with them have been 180 degrees opposite yours. I don’t know of
another supplier who will let you wander around in his back room half
the afternoon, browsing for what you want. I know of very few other
trade sources that have gone out of their way to court students,
part-timers, and other newbies to the trades the way they have.
Regarding the owner, on my first or second visit some years ago, I
was browsing the tool racks out front, when he came up to me and
asked if he could be of help. I said I was looking for some files.
“Are you a goldsmith?”, he asked. Trying to be, was my reply. And,
for the next half hour, he personally helped me sort through most of
his stock of new, surplus, and used files, pointing out some real
gems to add to my collection at a price that was a small fraction of
what the big catalogs get.

I never fail to stop in for a visit when I am in NYC, and I always
get greeted with “Hi, nice to see you again!”, even when I haven’t
been there in a year. And I’m not a big customer of theirs, either.

I would recommend them highly, to anyone.


Bob Edwards
Chromis Designs
Washington, DC