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[Source] Anchors



I’m looking for good sources for anchor designs (non-religious
anchors, in particular) and ships’ wheels. I’ve seen the pendants in
Stuller’s religious catalog and the tiny little charms in Stuller’s
findings catalog. But what I’m looking for is close to their crucifix
anchor pendants in style and complexity, but without the religious
symbols. (this is for a group of Navy folks.)

14K or Sterling (ideally, similar designs available in either

Anyone seen anything out there for resale? (i’ve been through
swest’s and stuller’s and stebgo’s catalogs and not found anything at
this point. My eyes are going buggy.) I’m not looking to create my
own at this point.

Many thanks,
Karen Goeller


Check out ALA Casting- New York They have somewhere around 200,000
different raw and semi finished castings. 4 or 5 huge books, with
everything in 10,14,18k-yellow,white,fancy colors,and plat.but the
books are like $50 each. If ALA aint got it, probably noone has it.
And their styles go way back to long long long time ago too.Ed R


Karen, I couldn’t tell whether you wanted the finished anchor or
waxes for casting, but Lex Wax of Lenaxa, Kansas has several wax
anchor patterns which may suit your purpose. You can contact them at
(800) 272 9299 or fax them at (913) 268 6359. Hope this helps.

Jerry in Kodiak

   I'm looking for good sources for anchor designs (non-religious
anchors, in particular) and ships' wheels.  

Karen, RQC has one of the most complete collections of charms I’ve
ever seen. 1-800-828-7840. All of the sterling charms are rhodium
plated, unless you request that it not be done.

Richard in Denver