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[Source] Ammolite

Hi everyone,

I had another major mishap. While setting a large ammolite into an
18k yg bracelet my bezel pusher slipped and gouged out a hole in the
stone. I thought I could repair the stone, but ended up taking off
too much of the color layer so the stone is ruined. I am looking for
a source for ammolite, I need blue which is rare, and its fairly
large 30x20mm. It will need to be cut to fit the setting but I can do
that, or I can send a pattern of the shape I need. This is a high
ticket item, and I worked a long time fabricating the bracelet -
plus I have already tube set 3.15c diamonds.

My own fault, I know how fragile ammolite is, I should have covered
it with masking tape.

The customer wants me to find another stone, so I hope it is

I would really appreciate anyone who can help me.


Jan Call Dale Penrod at 417-230-3929. Not only he is the largest
ammolite dealer but carries a large selection. I have been buying
from him for years He also has a cutting facility. Please tell him it
was Eric in Little Rock that told you about him.

Thanks Johneric


I usually stock some ammolite, but blue in large sizes will be a
real challenge. Your best hope is going to be Tucson, I am afraid.

A suggestion: Have a quartz or, better yet, cololress spinel cap cut
for that ammolite. It increases the brilliance and makes for a much
more wearable piece.


Hi Jan,

Judith Whitehead in Tucson may have some.

She has a booth at the AGTA in Tucson every year and has beautiful

Marta Irvin

Hello Jan,

How soon are you looking to replace the ammolite? I reside in
Alberta, Canada and I am in a joint venture with one mining company
to cut and finish the raw ammolite. Production should be starting in
January. If you can wait until then please leave me your contact
details so I can keep my eye out for a stone fitting your

Kind Regards,
Jeff Nechka

Hi Jan,

I have one predominately blue ammolite in stock, but it is only 25.8
x18.7, I can check with the mine owners and see if they have one
larger if you wish. You can view it at my website, just use this url

and it will take right to the stone in question. I just received a
new shipment from the mine, that hasn’t been cataloged yet, but this
one is the bluest one I have right now. I hope this helps.

Linda McMurray G.G., A.J.P. (GIA)
Best Cut Gems

Jan; Try I have bought from them in Tucson and I think
they are one of the mine holders. If you go to Tucson it is widely
available if not they may be able to help I noticed their site didn’t
sell direct but it has an 8oo no.

Dave Owen

I have a couple of ammolites that have blue in them. A couple are
predominantly blue. Most 2 or 3 color ammolites. They are all
triplets for better wear.

Here is a link to our site that has the ammolite cabochons.

James Carpenter

My thanks to all who replied and especially JohnEric - I called Dale
Penrod (417-230-3929) and he cut one for me to the exact size and
got it to me within a week. Great service! and beautiful stone. I
highly recommend him if you ever need ammolite. He coats his ammolite
so they are protected from scratches which is very important for a
bracelet. My customer is very happy and so am I.

We truly have a wonderful resource here with Orchid so thank you
Hauman and all you great people who give so freely of your expertise.


Hello All,

I’ve recently been introduced to the awesome beauty of ammolite and
I’m nowhooked. It joins a list of very few other gemstones which, I’m
not afraid to admit, actually get me emotional!

I managed to procure a few pieces here and there, but I wanted to see
if anyone could recommend a reliable supplier. I’m headed out to
Toronto this summer, so they’d only have to be shipped across
provinces rather than across the pond. Any other tips on purchasing
ammolite would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

One further question, if I posted a picture and details of one of my
purchases would it be possible to get some feedback as regards to

LavanLondon, UK