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[Source] Alexandrite

I have a customer who is looking for a real Alexandrite and is
willing to pay for it (6-8mm). I know Russian Alexandrites aren’t
available, but are there others? Can anyone recommend a reputable
stone dealer? Thanks in advance.

Munya Avigail Upin

You can call stuller…, we can help with 6.0mm and 7.0mm, if she is
interested she can contact one of my gemstone specialist at ext 546.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

We have had good luck with Stachura.


Try Columbia Gem House in Vancouver Wash and Fine Cut Gems in
Portland Or.

Jo Haemer

Ben Kho

Stuller has several, ranging from about $2500/ct to $8K/ct. Pala
gems ( has some real nice ones in about the same price
range - you’ll need to establish an account with them, and don’t tell
them I sent you as I don’t know you.

We have from my partners mining in Taieta Teiveta Kenya near Voi
Kenya/Tsavo Park the new very rare color change garnets looking like
top alexandrite color change garnets and as photographed and
announced by Gary Roskin GG in

Blue to blue green garnets are extremely rare in nature making this
the only find to Madagscar’s find. These color change garnets rival
Madgascars old find as the only source of blue garnets and
blue-green to red-purple color change garnets. Individual rough for
cuttng is available by the piece as are faceted stones from about
half a ct to almost 4 ct + Color changes range from green-purple.
blue green-purple. blue-red, blue-purple, blue green -red,
blue-green-purple. green-red.Other color change garnets are also
available You may contact us at @Lee_Horowitz off sight

Thank you Lee Horowitz


Irv Baker