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[Source] 7mm faceted round moonstone bead


First, thank you for all of the help you’ve given me so far, and for
the kindness you’ve extended to a novice. Just being able to
eavesdrop has been of great use to me.

Now, my question: Can someone recommend a lapidary who would facet a
smooth round (not rondelle) 8-10mm moonstone bead down to a 7mm
faceted round? 48 or more facets would be best. I need one such bead
to finish a specific job, but will buy an entire string if need be.
No web searches to date have turned up a source for 7-8mm round
faceted moonstone beads – or indeed any size moonstone bead in round
faceted (again, plenty of rondelles out there, but they won’t work
for this job).

Thank you,