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[Source] 6mm Square Pink Sapphire

Hello Orchidland!

First thank you to all who responded to my question about using 14KW
solder on 18KW. I talked it over with the customer (my best friend
and her daughter) and they really wanted me to do the ring
sizing…sentimental reasons. I’m really not doing many repairs these
days (hence my reluctance in need to buy more solder I’m not likely
to use again) They had no problem with the slight color difference or
the plating at the joint area.

Didja ever get that feeling you just didn’t want to do the job but
against your intuition you did anyway?

Well the sizing went fine, I was just finishing the clean
up…drying the ring and noticed the central stone was loose. I got
my prong pliers and gave it a little squeeze and well I guess you can
guess from the subject. It chipped at one of the corners well into
the table.

I don’t seem to be able to find one checking online since last night
although I met a nice new jeweler in town who does lapidary work as
well, but he didn’t have anything either.

Sources anyone?

I’d be happy to take replies off list to keep the traffic down.

Barb Baur