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[Source] 5mm square tubing

Eons ago I took a workshop and used some 5 or 6mm square tubing. Not
thick walled. Am looking for this now. Can’t locate anything. Not
Stuller, Rio, United Precious Metals, etc. Can anybody point me in
the right direction? I only need a foot so won’t meet a high minimum
some folks require.

Thanks for your input,
Liane Redpath

Try TB Hags toz in Philadelphia. I’ve gotten some square tubing of
various sizes there.

Janet Kofoed

Call Myron Toback in New York: 1-800-223-7550 They carry square
tubing in a range fo sizes from 2mm to 19mm, wall thickness is 0.020"
They have a $25 minimum for shipping.

You can view their catalog online, or download it here:

Elliot Nesterman

Have you tried Metalliferous ?
Located in NY.

Good luck, MA

Hi Liane,

This is in Australia, I use them for tube etc.

Mail Service is prompt.

Regards Phil Seghers

In the distant past metaliferous (sp?) in NYC had sterling square
tubing in many sizes.

Hope this helps


Square Brass tubing is available from both:

Metalliferous Co. - Address is

and K&S Metals - Address is

Have a wonderful day!
Bob A. DeMarcki