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[Source] 5 stone 14k white gold ring casting

Hello everyone!

I am finding myself in a dilemma and hopefully someone can give me a
hand with this…

Due to back and hand problems that will be taking me away from my
bench for a while… (thank goodness that this is not my means of
support…! :wink: I will be unable to make a wedding band that I had
promised my sister-in-law for her wedding (can you see the problem
already??, er, my wife will kill me if I don’t come through with
something… grin)

So although I won’t be able to make the ring, by the time her
wedding comes around I should be able to at least set the diamonds

What I am looking for is a 14k white ring that will accomodate 5
2.7mm round diamonds. Nothing fancy, very traditional in design.
Ring shank tapers down from the size of the diamonds to
approximately 1.5mm. I have found similar rings but all have larger
stones (10 and 15 point), but nothing smaller.

Please contact me off-list if you have something like this or can
direct me to a supplier that does.

I appreciate your help greatly!

Bryan Steagall