[Source 4] hobby jeweler

Can anyone offer suggestions as to where a hobby jeweler , “not
a business” can order supplys such as findings , tools, wax
patterns and other related items. I have ordered from Rio Grande
and Swest in the past , but in trying to order from Swest in the
last 2 weeks I keep getting different stories about the
availability of items , 3 sales people 3 different answers . No
answers are of any help , so I’m in search of other sources . If
any members of Orchid have suggestions or any members are with
firms which can be of assistance I would appreciate hearing from
you. Thank you , Timothy @fortuosity

Try Caldron Crafts in the Washington DC area or Bourget
Brothers. I don’t have my catalogs at the moment so can only
supply the names for now.

Hi… I have always had great success with Halstead Bead Co. in
Prescott, AZ. They have been wonderful (800-528-0535). Also
check out Tierracast on the web, plus there is Rings and Things
(web search words: jewelry findings, supplies) Hope this helps.

Get a sales tax number from your state. Then buy from any
supplier who will sell in the quantities you need. For tools,
try Gesswein. For metal and findings try Hoover and Strong.
Stuller Settings has a good selection of gold findings. These
suppliers all have web sites or you can call their 800 lines for
a catalog. Don’t say hobbyist, say you’re getting started and you
need small quantities and you will pay by credit card or COD. j

Hi Timothy,

You should look at the catalogs from the following suppliers:

Frei & Borel:  800-772-3456
Gesswein:  800-243-4466
Metalliferous:  212-944-0909

I have ordered from Frei & Borel and Gesswein and was very
pleased. I received my orders promptly and if something was out
of stock, it came separately (without a shipping fee). Also,
everything was packed very securely, so that nothing was jostled
around too much in shipping. Both companies have a great
selection of tools.

I live in New York, so I shop at Metalliferous frequently. They
have a good selection of tools, and a large selection of
findings (they also sell fine and sterling silver – but not
gold). I understand that they now have a catalog – so, I
assume that you can order by mail.

Hope this helps –
Neda Morvillo