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[Source] 3-D Pantograph?

hello, I’m looking for a “pantograph” that does 3-D
duplicating.does anyone know of where I can find one of this
description? It is sometimes used in duplication of gunstocks,and
beads/jewelery.Any info that can be provided would be much
appreciated.thank you in advance! sincerely, Kim

p.s. you may email me at: @kdesigns

Kim A. Elmore wrote

     I'm looking for a "pantograph" that does 3-D duplicating. 

You didn’t say what you wanted to replicate. There’s a company
in Tucson that makes a unit for replicating carved cabs (can’t
think of a better description). It might be possible to work some
metals if the bits were changed.

It’s a manual machine, the operator has to move the tracing arm
over the model.

If this is what you’re looking for, I’ll see if I can get the
name & address of the company.


         I'm looking for a "pantograph" that does 3-D

Hi Kim,

You can probably find a regular pantograph in any local retail
store that handles art supplies. If they don’t stock it they may
be able to special order one for you. I just ordered one for a
customer in my hobby shop.

I don’t know anything about the one used for carved cabs, but
suspect that it would run into more money because it’s so


The Gorton and similar 3d duplicating pantograph/mills are still
widely used in tool and die work, and available both new, and
from most decent machine tool dealers who carry used equipment.
Might take a visit to the sort of major city that has such
industry going on. In Providence, Rhode Island, the machine
tool dealers there will have dozens of em, I’d bet. Try Gold
Machinery in providence. They’ve got a web site… When I
lived in Detroit, they were harder to find, but there,
nevertheless. Note that these are not small machines. The ones
worth having take almost as much floor space as a bridgeport,
though they’re not quite that large. And shipping one is going
to be significant cost. So if you can find one close to you,
it’s better.

Peter Rowe