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[Source] 2mm tube bezel posts


I am looking for a jewelry finding supplier of small, appx 2mm tube
bezel posts which are normally for earrings. I want to "embed"
precious stones on the sides of my bakelite bracelets. Most
suppliers are 3mm and up.

Any help ?
Thanks, Chris

look for a product called presets

you can get them down to 1.50mm and not have to worry about creating
bezels. The down side, you have to order in batches of 100 per size,
per color. Plus a $25 special drill bit. But once you have them, they
are easy to work with. The bezels come in a number of metal
configurations, and stones are genuine or created, your choice.

Good luck.

Frie and Borel have a nice selection even come in 1/4 sizes IE 2.25
& 2.75