[Source] 24K Gold Foil

How do I go about finding out where to purchase 24K gold foil for
Kum Boo technique. My supplier used to be Komelia Okim, she no
longer available for this.

Thank you.

Hi Colleen,

You can either (re) make it yourself from melted down 24K scrap from
your previous projects, or you can get it from Tevel at Allcraft. I
think Rio has it now too.


I used to get mine from Komelia Okim, and really miss the thickness
of the foil she would get from Korea. it was a pleasure to work with.
I tried different sources in the US, but the foil was much thinner.
Fortunately Komelia had taught us how to roll our own, so following
her instructions I got a 24k Gold Maple leaf coin, cut off a piece,
and roll my own. It needs repeated annealing, but as It gets thinner,
torch annealing is tricky, so for further annealing she had us merely
lay the piece on the hot plate, heated high. Alma

Tevel at Allcraft carries it.


Hi Colleen

try the foil that printers use I think it is 24 kt but it may be
only 22 kt.

I used to embed this in resin. Look for stamping foil.

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How do I go about finding out where to purchase 24K gold foil for
Kum Boo technique. 

All Craft in NYC carries it. And I think Art Clay World carries it
as well.


It’s really easy to make you’re own kum boo foil. Ball up a few
grains of 24k casting grain on a clean charcoal block. Roll out as
you would sheet, annealing whenever you change directions in the
rolling mill. To anneal the gold when it gets thin, place it on a
larger sheet of 24 gauge copper. Mark the copper with a black
Sharpie, and concentrate your heat on the copper sheet rather than
on the gold foil. The gold will get hot by conduction.

The big advantage to making your own is that you can melt all your
scraps into your next batch of foil, making this an almost waste
free process.

Victoria Lansford