[Source] 24K 1mm simple chain

I just received a call from someone who wants some 1mm 24K gold
chain, nothing fancy in the weave needed. It can be up to 1.5mm, he
says, and he only wants seven inches of it for his purpose. I’ve
made simple chain, just a series of loops, and soldered them closed,
but it’s horrifically labor intensive and I know that it’s more
economical to just buy machine-made. Is there a source for 24K
chains that have every link soldered or fused? I doubt I could
produce his seven inches in less than eight to twelve hours of bench
work, at least at the speed I was going the last time I did any, and
I’ll be very happy to steer this guy to a less expensive solution.



He should simply weave it himself but the gold is expensive now!
There is a weaving tutorial on Orchid and it’s really quite easy. If
he wants to buy already made… look at the chains in Rio.