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[Source] 18K

Hope you are all having a great year. We would like to have
some sources for 18 K gold. The prices we are paying are almost
as high as River Gems. They are reliable but have limited
quantity discount. Can anyone make some suggestions indicating
what companies give the best quantity discount and the quantity
they expect to be purchased. Thanks George


Why don’t you call 800-759-9997 and ask Hoover and Strong to send
their catalog. They have a wide range of mill products as well
as findings and castings. I normally only purchase mill
products, but I know the price gets better with the findings as
the qty. increased. I think mill products are spot plus a
fabrication cost - I don’t know if it decreases with the amount
you order. I normally don’t order over $500.00 at a time. They
will also swap mill products for your scrap. If you order from
them, be sure to specify how you want the product annealed. They
ship most stuff a little harder than I like - it’s either quarter
hard or half hard.

Good Luck!

Brent Jones

Brent Jones
Manager of Technical Services
Morehead State University

G I don’t know what kind of prices you are paying but you should
try Hoover and Strong as they do all their own refining and
manufacturing (ie you are buying from a source). However you can
always adopt my attitude about buying and selling diamonds–If
you pay more for the product, you sell it for more and make more