[Source] 15x20 Rectangle stone

Hello all,

I am in need of a 15x20 rectangle stone for my customers ring. She
is open to all colors and types of stones, with in reason of course.

Any suggestions as to a supplier? Rio and Fire Mountain do not stock


Try Dikra in New York. dikragem.net
They have a really big selection of shapes

good luck
Kim Starbard

Last resort, got to Jewelry Television’s website and do a search in
their Gemstone section. You can search based on a particular size. No
tellingwhat you will turn up, or the quality, but the site is easy
to use.


Give me some ideas of what you want and I can probably help you. I
have too many hundreds of stones in stock at the moment and would be
glad to sell some.

Brian Corll
Vassar Jewelers


I missed the original post but if it’s a one-off or small set you’re
looking for, contact me and I’ll cut it for you in any shape or
material you may require.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada