[Source] 14K WG Pendant semi mount

Need Supplier: 14K WG 22mm 4 Prong Round Basket Pendant w/ long
(18mm+) Prongs

I acquired a stunning 36ct round Amethyst, sold it and now find out
I can’t easily get it mounted. The gem is to deep. I need a
vendor/supplier who has:

  • 14K WG 22mm 4 Prong Round Basket Pendant w/ extra long (18mm+)
    Prongs. I have searched everywhere and the closest I have found is
    Stuller, but their prongs are only 14mm long. I’ve tested their piece
    and the gem doesn’t fit. (The culet pokes your chest.)

I know I can have can longer prongs soldered-on, but I’d rather buy
an original. If you know of a supplier, or have a better suggestion,
I appreciate it.

That’s what you call one of your ‘designer stones’. I seriously
doubt you’d find a stock mounting lying around anywhere waiting for
you. You have to make one to fit. Hence the ‘designer’.

I dunno about using white gold for that. 18Royal would be my
suggestion, sprinkled with diamonds. Don’t take this personally but
white gold will cheapen the stone, imho, if its a stunning amy.
While you could lengthen the prongs, this is a shortcut that a nice
stone doesn’t deserve and neither does its eventual purchaser.

Stuller might be able to make a pc for you just for that stone.
Please give are special projects a call… the manger ext is 289 and
his name is Mark.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold


a shortcut that a nice stone doesn't deserve and neither does its
eventual purchaser. 

Sorry, my initial inclination when somebody here says, “I need a
setting” is to say that’s what jewelers do, is make settings.
Generally I just keep quiet…

And sorry, again, but a standard setting with super-high, relatively
skinny prongs says, “I was too cheap/lazy/inexperienced to do a
proper job of it.” One good knock and out it comes…

I don’t like to say those things, but there it is…

It can vary widely, but generally you want the undergallery to be at
least 1/2 way up the stone - very often it is just under the girdle
line. That all depends on the mechanics and also the style and design
that’s desired.

That’s not something you’re ever going to find in stock for a large,
especially deep stone… Unique stones need unique settings…

that's what jewelers do, is make settings 

And its not really all that hard. For a solitaire anyway. Clusters
get more complicated and demand more precision and the ability to
visualize. But you know, a basket is nothing more than two big jump
rings and some wires. There must be globs of tutorials around so
anyone with a mind to can be making presentable settings after a few
tries. I would suggest forgoing the instructions that advise to stab
your prongs into a charcoal block though. Blind soldering, not a good