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[Source] 14K gold chain

I have a client that is wanting a 24" 14Kt cable chain. Either 6.5mm
or 9.1 mm. My regular suppliers do not carry this size. Can you
recommend suppliers for this size chain?

Thanks in advance.
Angela Hampton
Hampton House Jewelry

Herco in SF, CA. Page 96 of the 2009 catalog.

What is a 6.5mm cable chain? Cable chain machines are typically
speced by the wire diameter and the rings per inch I think - at least
mine were when I bought them. For cable chain I personally would like
to know the length and width and wire size of the rings.

For example I have a machine that makes a cable chain with rings
that are made from 1mm (0.040") wire - rings are 0.212" (5.4mm) x
0.175" (4.5mm). This is about 7.5 rings per inch. So I’d call the
chain 4.5mm x 5.4mm x 1mm wire.

Jon Daniels
The Ring Lord Chainmail