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[Source] .005" Sterling wire


Ideally, I would like to purchase this sterling wire annealed.

many thanks,
Jeff Herman

Have you contacted Hoover & Strong or Ross Metals? I’m fairly certain
either one could help.

John (Jack) Sexton

Mr. Herman - if you can’t find your wire.005, I have 33 ounces of.10
(30G) half hard sterling silver wire - you could draw it down. (I
also have 34 ounces of .10 (30G) half hard anti-tarnish sterling
silver.) I offer because I notice my supply houses aren’t carrying
wire even that small any more. Alternately, you can order it made up
at Stern-Leach - they have a 50 ounce minimum and can take up to 3
weeks to ship. Also, they charge “blind market” meaning your cost is
based on the silver market the day they ship, not the day you order.

Sam Kaffine
Sterling Bliss, LLC

Thank you, Sam. I already have .010". I’m trying to match the
thickness of a sterling piece I’m trying to weld.

Jeff Herman

Hello Jack,

Stern offer .010". I haven’t tried Ross - that’s when I’ll go next.

Jeff Herman