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Sossner's Custom Stamps

Hello Fellow Orchid-Heads!

I am looking into purchasing a custom stamp with which to ‘sign’ my
work. I looked back into the archives and got lots of good references
of places that make custom engraved stamps. After contacting several
(including Harper Mfg, Microstamp Corp., Infinity Stamping, Sparks
Steel Stamps, and Sossner Steel Stamps) It looks like Sossner has
both the best pricing and the most eager and helpful customer service
(some of the other places have not yet responded to my inquiries).
Who else out there in Orchid Land has done business with Sossner? I
am wondering if the cheaper price is going to directly correspond to
quality…they quoted me a price of $118 for a straight stamp with
’Catlin Blair’ written on it, where as most of the others who sent me
quotes are up in the $160-240 range for the same thing. While I am
not in a position to spend hundreds of dollars, I do realize that the
ability to effectively ‘sign’ my pieces is basically ‘priceless’ in
that it is a very important thing to do! Thanks for listening!

Hope everyone out there is enjoying their summer!


Catlin Blair Designs

I have used Bazzill Engraving for my stamps. I can’t remember what I
paid several years ago, but it was under 100.00 per stamp. You might
want to check them out. Here is their site.


Catlin - I have dealt with Sossner for nearly 20 years. Everything
has always been done perfect, on time, and with nothing less than
flawless service. They do have a tendency to follow up on a regular
basis, but I would rather it be that way than the opposite.

Kindest regards,

Stuart J. Adelman, Designer


i had done business with sossner 20 years ago and still have some of
their stamps, they were very high quality ,unfortunately…I did go
back to them for more a few years ago, and when we got the stamps in
the shop, the quality was so poor that we had to send them back and
get replaced which seemed to not make a difference, very disappointed
I went to micro stamp, and we been very satisfied,(Micro stamp) their
stamps take a little time to get used to holding but they are of very
high quality, in my mind a stamp will last a very long time used
correctly, so the few hundred dollars are well spent investments into
your art work and shop.after all it is your name on the work.