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[sort of YAK] Web stuff- Microsoft FrontPage

Hi Folks,

If I may, I’d like to maybe clarify a couple of Tom’s comments.
First, he is using a BETA version of the product. FrontPage98
is not for sale yet… this version is for testing; people are
reporting problems they encounter so they may be fixed. The
release version will absolutely be more stable and lean.

Tom makes a good point about hosting. If I was using FrontPage
as my Web site’s authoring tool (and I am), would have a
FrontPage hosting account with an ISP. This means that the host
would have FrontPage Extensions loaded on the server for use by
FrontPage. Among other things, this allows remote authoring on
the server and supports all the nifty “WebBots” you might use on
your pages.

Many ISPs support FrontPage Extensions. If your Internet dial-up
account gives you a few Mb of free disk space for pages, it
probably will not include the extensions (which can be had for
free). As Tom implied it is possible to publish (using a
Wizard) to a non-FP Extension site, but I wouldn’t do it. It
would be like going to Disneyland on a ticket that didn’t allow
you to get on any of the rides! :)20

Again, anyone can feel free to email me if they have any
questions/need help.

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)