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Sore fingers etc

Hi all

Barielle and other products of this nature are not likely to
strengthen fingernails any more than they strengthen a horses
hoof. I have owned horses for about 40 years and have had at times
to apply a softener to an overly dry hoof. Perhaps the most common
brand available at Tack Shops anywhere in North America and is
called “Hoof Flex” A can of this product would last for human use
at least half a life time.

It is readily absorbed in the hoof, finger, toenail or dry skin
and contains many ingredients plus a healthy dose of lanolin. It is
totally harmless and will give you perhaps the softest hands you
ever had.

It does not, in my opinion, strengthen the “Keratin”, (a complex
protein, the chief constituent of horn, nails, hair, feathers,
etc.) but takes away their brittleness and renders the hoof or
finger nail pliable and resilient, maybe tougher is a better word.

......Leo Doucet......NB......Canada