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Sophie Teppema - Jewelry Gallery

Gild Atelier
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gild Atelier was founded in 2008 by me, Sophie Teppema. After finishing my education at the ‘Vakschool’ Schoonhoven [the only school in The Netherlands for gold and silver smithing], I worked for several jewelry gallery’s. By chance I was able to get a small shop space in a great location and decided to make the move to shop owner myself.

The shop is located at the most central point of Amsterdam, Dam Square. It is attached to the Nieuwe kerk [church turned museum] giving the shop a characteristic charm. The shop is doing well after 4 years and attracts locals, expats and tourists alike.

My design aesthetic has changed over the years always keeping a delicate simplicity to my work. I now create very fine pieces made with a subtle shimmer. This effect is often created by repetition of shapes to create structure. At the moment my biggest inspiration is lines i’m looking for them everywhere! I like to see how they create shapes that can be translated into my work.

Gold Ring Dimensions: Ring | square wire 1.5mm | Cluster of cubes | height 8mm | width 8mm | length 20mm

A ring with a classic shape and a contemporary touch. The little cubes make light dance on your finger. The size is not too big giving the ring an understated elegance.

Photo credit: Egidio Levendale

Kartel alliance ring

Kartel alliance ring Materials: 14k gold | cognac colored diamonds
Dimensions: 3.5mm wide | diamonds 1.5mm

The basis of this ring is a jacobs ladder, created in a moment of nostalgia thinking back when we all had to make the paper springs at school. These rings stack nicely together having the diamonds interlock to reflect more light.

Photo credit: Egidio Levendale

hainlink long necklace

hainlink long necklace Materials: Silver | 18k gold lock
Dimensions: Length 120cm | width 1.8cm | height 3mm

This necklace was made for fashion designer Dorhout Mees’ s F/W collection 2011/2012. She asked me to design work that would correlate well with her designs. I got so inspired by the material and knits she uses i started weaving my own silver material out of little gourmet chains. This long necklace is very versatile, it can be styled in lots of different ways ranging from classic to contemporary. To see the product of our labor please have a look at the ‘Ballets Russes’