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Someone who could use a hand

Hey everyone: one of my old internet friends and former member of
Orchid last year lost everything he owned and only has his truck
left and living in a homeless shelter in Kansas. All his jewelry
tools were stolen out of his truck to boot. He is now trying to get
together some basic hand tools so he can make a few things to show
around and hopefully get a teaching job at one of the local
schools. Gavin taught me an awful lot about jewelry making on the
internet and patiently answered my hundreds of questions so I wish
some of you who have duplicate tools or extras laying around could
help out. If you could do this please email Gavin directly at: as he has access to a computer at the shelter. I
have a few extra jeweler’s saws and small hammers etc. I’m sending
him etc. so maybe we could all coordinate to set him up with basics
to get him out of his situation…thanks…Dave

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