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Some very useful URL's

Hi All in Orchidland;

I have a couple of great resources to share with you. First off, I
read of a method of removing rust from tools and iron & steel
articles using baking soda or washing soda (either one works,
washing soda’s better I think), a bucket of water, a piece of
stainless steel and a battery charger. Here’s a URL that describes
the process:

and also on that subject:

Credit for this find goes to Brian Gilbert, a blacksmith writing in
ABANA’s “Hammer’s Blow” newsletter for the Spring, 2001 issue.

Here’s another great find. I get a catalog from these people, the
Chester Book Co., that is chocked full of books on craft, including
a LOT of great books on metalsmithing and jewelry (59 in all!).
Included are a bunch of our favorites by Charles Lewton-Brain, Oppi
Untrach, Alan Revere, all the great authors who’s names we bandy

Here’s a URL;

Hope you find these tips useful.

David L. Huffman