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Some questions about casting tree branch

Today I tried to invest tree sticks, and I found some discussions that said we should use hair spray to seal the sticks before putting them in the flask. However, I forgot to spray and invest directly. I was worried that what will happen but because my flask has been put into the kiln, I can only wait one night and see how it works tomorrow.

Lucy Lu

I have cast Black Alder catkins. They look like miniature pine cones - very woody. I did them in bronze. Beautiful replicas! No hairspray.
I asked my caster to make me some orchids in silver. I took him a long stem of multiple blossoms of radican orchids. He was quite dubious. They came out so nicely, he made several for himself. I don’t have any casting equipment.

Enjoy your creativity.

I cast a lot of organics, and when I collect them, I soak them in thinned Liquitex medium. Once dry, it will both coat them and strengthen delicate parts.