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Solidarity in Jewelery Boot Camp

 "As we all know there was always that one person in class that
thought he/she could get by or thought the rule was not true." 

Yes , and toward the end of semester everyone is catching up. You take
your life in your hands contaminating the pickle . Using a huge 5 lb.
brick of really aggressive bobbing compound in the polishing room will
make many " new friends " as it contaminates everything.

We try to work together here at Jewelry Bootcamp, but sometimes there
is one who refuses to work with everyone else. I like the comradely
and the solidarity of the students. We all want to graduate . But I
have a problem which I deal with constantly - Making best use of my
time .

Well the faculty ( guards ) < grin > joyfully point out areas which I
need to improve upon. I also remind myself that my instructor is my "
Customer " . It is she , who I must sell my efforts to.

I keep telling myself that it will make me a better man . Besides it
is sometimes fun !

ROBB - Retired Old Baby Boomer