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Solid silver statuette?

I was in a quandary a few months ago to make my art-deco statuette
solid, or slightly hollowed out. With the price of silver shooting
to the moon lately I decided to hollow out about 33%, or 31 wax grams
from a total of 94 wax grams. With the silver at about $47.64 at
this writing, glad I made that decision. It’s not the cost of the
silver, it’s the other ornamental items I am putting into to it, how
about coloured diamonds? I figure at about 1/2+ carat for a start!

The more I figure into the cost for labour and incidentals, the more
I must charge on top of the cost and the extra’s. There must be a
healthy $$$ limit! My silver inventory allows for me to create this
statue as a solid creation. If I do, the possibilities of a sale
makes this with fewer opportunities. Still, 22 ounces of a semi-solid
statue, this will have a nice feel and weight to it!..


Gerry - I hope we can see the end product of the silver statue.

I would hope that the person who buys is appreciates the work rather
than just the weight of the object. I think by considering the
intrinsic difference between the 2 you are underselling yourself! I
would suggest that the balance of the object will determine how much
wax you can remove.

Best regards,
nick Royall

What I am planning to do is to document each and every stage of
development from casting to final polishing. I believe that this is a
quite a novel thing to do.

I am not selling this sculpture as basically “silver and diamonds”,
but a statue from the “Art Deco Era”! I estimate that about 80 hours
of work will go into this project, from start to finish! My labour
is estimated at $100.00 per hour. If anyone wishes to view my costs,
contact me off-line!

Gerry !