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Solid or plated

I have found a set of old silver at a garage sale – they have a
stamp on them that says 90 – is this a stamp for 9 parts solid
silver – does it mean they are not plated? Looks like they were made
in Germany. Steel blade on them says Nicht something or other (haven’t
bought them yet – need to look at them again to get the last word)
Brand name Henckels. Was thinking about trading them in for sheet as
each piece was under two dollars.

Susan Herrmann

Hi Susan, Sorry to disappoint you but, you’ve only bought plated
silver. The number of 90 on spoons and forks means they’ve used 90
grams of silver for plating 12 spoons AND 12 forks. The base material
will probably be German silver (alpaca).

greetings from Holland
Marlein Bong