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Soldering with heavy sterling

G’day Mike: You say that when soldering a jump ring between
heavier pieces you can’t get the solder to melt. This is because
your flame doesn’t produce enough concentrated heat. Silver is one
of the best heat conductors known and is removing the heat as fast
as your flame can deliver it. Your only solution is to use a
hotter flame. For the kind of purpose you are talking about, I use
a very small torch (not a “Little” torch however) but one I had
given me 40 years ago and I use it with oxygen and propane. It
gives a pencil point flame and solders a resized sterling ring in
literally 5 seconds, whereas the torch I normally use never gets
that job hot enough in about a minute - and meanwhile the heat
sensitive stone is ruined. I’m afraid a torch with a hotter,
concentrated flame is the only answer.

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At sunny Nelson NZ during a long hot autumn and a drought period.