Soldering wire to sheet

Hi there - I’ve been working on a range of pieces that feature
lengths of wire (1.2mm) soldered to the sheet.

During the soldering process, the solder often bubbles and does not
bond the wire evenly to the surface. Any tips on how I can avoid

Many thanks,

what type of solder and flux are you using? my solder does not
bubble (sheet hard silver solder) and i use “handy flux” that i apply
with water and brush. small pullets of solder placed adjacent to the
fluxed join, heat the join until the solder flashes through the join,
finish and burnish.


If you are using a borax cone solder try mixing it with isopropyl
alcohol rather than water and lightly touch flame over work to get
the flux to settle the wires on sheet before you apply too much heat.
are you also using soldering weights?