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Soldering tube to wire for rings


I am a hobbyist and am trying to figure out the best way to do the
followintube as bezel (2-3mm stone). I want the bezel to be
integrated into the ring rather than soldered on top.

What is a good way to do this? Ex. solder a round ring then saw a
space for the bezel and file curve into wire? Solder tube onto one
end then shapeand solder other end? Something else?

Any suggestions and bench tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Depends on what you want the finished piece to look like. A sketch
would help.

Elliot Nesterman


I found that you can first make the ring, and then drill out a space
with cone shaped burs out of the ring which works well for tapered
bezels. You can countersink the bezel this way. You want an
assortment of different coneor other burs to make the right fit.
When you are happy with the depthof your bezel being countersunk,
just solder it up.

Others on this forum helped me figure this out just a few months

Rick Powell


Personally I’d make the ring round, saw through the join, file the
ends to match the setting, then solder the setting in.

Make sure it projects slightly at the bottom so that it merges in
properly when you file the bottom to match the inside of the ring.

Regards, Gary Wooding