Soldering technique using potato

Hello everyone

I just read about a soldering technique using potato?? And I wonder,
what is it?, We are hiding something? A potato cut in half, put in
the oven for 3/4 hour with some butter… recipe for four people …

No just kidding … but potato can act like a thermal shield…
you can basically do soldering with stone in place. But then again
… everything depends on the mass of the ring and the type of stone,
It might not work for a large gold ring set with a large citrine…

I use a 2 inch diameter shallow stainless steel dish with about a
half inch of water in it. The stones are under water, the back of
the ring shank sticking up. Works just fine. Gold alloys aren’t very
conductive, and as long as the stones are under water, they can’t
get hotter than 212 degrees.

Great topic!

I use a metal dish full of sand that is saturated with water. That
way the ring is held in place, stays cool where it needs to and just
sits on my sink always ready for use.

Getting ready to plant my bulbs and make some soup. its cold out