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Soldering problem of an electroformed object

Okay, I have an electroformed object that I am trying to solder silver
onto…The coppern object is large and a definite heat sink… and the
silver object… I don’t want to melt!!! Any suggestions… I have tried
epoxy - but it just pops apart…

Thanks in advance.


Well Joan a suggestion…you might try an easy flow solder such as stay
-brite, depending upon the size and shape of the copper object . .
also…I.have an industrial size and strength tack welder ( the Tack II )
which I have experimented with for about six months now and it works very
well on items as you describe. If you have access to a tack welder you
might try it also. Since I am not aware of the size and shape of your
electroformed object I do not know if it is heated easily… I will assume
it is very thin which is why you tried epoxy ? You might try acid etching
the surface of both objects and the applying a dental cement or one of the
varieties of super glue and then press the silver and copper objects
together. The acid etch serves as a roughing- up of the surface, a light
sanding might work also but electro-clean the surfaces very well
afterwords before you apply super glue. Remember super glues work well
with just a small amount and they also work on the theory of a lack of
oxygen and they stick. That didn’t come out quite properly but you get
the idea. You might also try if these ideas don’t work for you , rivet
the objects together

Good Luck…Terry in Florida

Would tic solder solve it perhaps? It takes very low heat to make
it flow.

                   Michael B