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Soldering Platinum and Silver Together?

I have a customer who definatley wants platinum incorporated into a
piece I’m making for her the rest is steling siver. Having worked
mainly with siver and golds, Im not confident on making a decision on
the commision piece. Is it possible to solder platinum and silver
together? What solder would I use? or would I benifit from using a
platinum alloy of some sort?


Use any of your silver solders that are appropriate for the point in
construction where you are adding the platinum. Use a paste flux and
solder as normal. The one difference is to not quench the work after
soldering or any further heating oprations. The Sterling has a
tremendously greater rate of thermal expansion and the stresses
generated from the rapid contraction caused by quenching can break
the solder bond or even the underlying metal. So slow cool for best
results. I use this method regulary and once I learned to not quench
I have never had any problem.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts