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Soldering Gold to Argentium?

Having read all the recent discussions about Argentium, I’d like to
begin using it, and given that the next project on my bench
incorporates gold bezels backed with sterling, I’m curious if anyone
has experimented with soldering 18k yellow gold to Argentium? I’ve
scoured the archives, but find no reference.

I do find people state that Argentium solders much more like gold
than sterling, but am concerned about the temperature difference
between the two metals. I can solder everything with the Argentium
solders from a visual standpoint, so that’s not a problem. I’m doing
large bezels with 22g 18k yellow gold onto 20g sterling. Obviously,
the slumping issue could be a problem in this case. I know I can do
the project just fine with ‘classic’ sterling, but I promised myself
my next silver order would be for Argentium, dang it, and though I
can’t afford to experiment too much with the cost of gold these days,
I really want to try this out.

Amy J.

Hi Amy,

I don’t think you should have any trouble, as long as you are
careful to:

  • support the Argentium Sterling Silver,
  • use solders with appropriate melting temperatures, such as
    Argentium Sterling solders, or other solders with equivalent
    melt/flow temperatures
  • set up the situation well, with everything fitting for soldering,
    so that it is not necessary to push on the silver while it is hot
  • allow the silver to cool before moving it.
  • do not quench the silver.

Have fun!
Cynthia Eid