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Soldering gold nuggets

Hello all,

I purchased a few gold nuggets (no way to find them myself) and I’m
planning to solder them to a sterling piece. Any advice? What kind of
solder is best, and how is the melting point of the nuggets?

Thanks inadvance
Vicki, SoCal, Arizona for now

Vicki. I have soldered thousands of nuggets for the jewelry I make. I
usually use a low melt temp easy or super easy gold solder. I use a
creamy pasteboric acid/borax flux. Holding the nugget with tweezers I
will dip it in the flux then touch it to a pallion of the solder then
place it on the pieceof jewelry. Then I will hold the nugget in place
with my soldering pic during the heating. I do the torch work from
under the piece of jewelry being soldered so not to draw any of the
solder up on to the nugget. When you feel the nugget settle in you
are done and move on to the next nugget. Nuggets canvary from 18k to
23k and as such have a fairly high melt temp. If your nuggets are
from Arizona they can be some of the highest karat nuggets in the US.

Steve Wandt

I solder my Alaskan Gold Nuggets to a brass rod and then drill a
hole and peen it through the piece it is to by attatched too.

Lee Hulcher Mammoth Ivory Creations

My thanks to those who answered my question! this is a wonderful