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Soldering equipment

Hi everyone, I’m fairly new here and very new to the art of jewelry
design. I’m looking to purchase some equipment for soldering and I
was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to
what to buy. I have the Rio Grande catalog and am a bit overwhelmed.
I’d like a torch, tips, and tank outfit but something that’s going to
last me and I won’t need to upgrade in 6 months. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Karalee, Wow, this is a tough question! It has been discussed many
times on Orchid and you might find some good info in the archives.
On the other hand, a few words might help.

Much depends on what you can afford and what you plan to produce.
The mony aspect will run from a $10 plummer’s propane torch to a $400
or more double tank, fully regulated system.

Many people will say, for the starter, the Smith Little Torch is
sufficient but that is also close to $400 if you get the propane/ox
set up with regulators and tanks. The Little Torch will solder just
about anything the starter jeweler has to do…even larger
bezel/backplate combos if you use the multi-oriface tips, which can
also be used for casting by the way.

If that is pricy, consider a Smith single gas (acetylene - propane
just doesn’t do the job) torch with multple tips. This is excellent
for bezels, casting and larger items. The smaller tips are kind of
whoosie though and are difficult to use at first. Such a torch can
be had for around $200 with tank.

There are many many others out there and you will probably get as
many opinions but it still boils down to these two for the person
starting out.

Hope that helps some. Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in
SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2

    to purchase some equipment for soldering and I was wondering
if anyone could point me in the right direction as to what to buy. 

I suggest you start with the article "Is it hot enough for you?'

Jerry Torrens

Karalee, it makes a difference as to what type of objects you plan
to make. If you are making items of silver, I recommend one of the
acetylene / air torches. These make it easy to heat the whole item
with a soft flame and you have to heat the whole thing, in order to
get solder to flow. If you are working with gold, you would probably
want either propane / air or acetylene / air as you use more
localized heat with gold and don’t have to heat the whole thing up. I
have a student who does nice things in silver with a mapp gas set up
from the hardware store. She has to hold the canister in her arm but
she does both chains and pendants up to three inches plus bezels with

Marilyn Smith