Soldering Cubic Zirconia

Can CZ be heated with a torch without damage? I recently set a 4mm
brilliant cut CZ in a sterling tube setting and then soldered the
tube setting onto a sterling silver pendant. After pickling, I was
polishing the final pendant and the CZ shattered? What did I do
wrong? I have soldered CZ before without any problems. The CZ I
used this time was of high quality (reputable mail order). During
the soldering operation, the CZ glowed red. Is this a problem ? Do
people normally solder CZ. Also, I did NOT quench the CZ in water, but
let it cool slowly.


cz problem
I solder on cz’s most everyday and rarley have one break. I
"normally" don’t get them cherry red. I get in and get out, Then I air
cool to cold. Sometime’s if there is alot of prong pressure I have had
heat fracture them.Well there some idea’s. Chip

Milt, I solder with CZ’s in place but I heat sink them with tweezers
on each side of the shank of the ring.or lay the piece on a steel
block to absorb the heat right after the solder flows and I do mean
right after.Usally I do this in gold.Silver is a different story and
if it was tube set probably not. A good rule of thumb is to solder and
then clean the piece as if it were finished THEN set your stone.
Best J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio