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Soldering close to coral beads

I am using a large coral bead and plan on soldering a mechanical attachment to a sterling shank. What product can be used to protect bead from heat if I can not add coral after all solder work complete? Design issue as well as technical. Any advice will be considered and appreciated. J

You simply cannot solder near Coral. There are heat barriers available but even so it is always risky with corral. Why not investigate if you can use a cold connection (eg. rivet) in your design.

I knew i would need to be extra careful. I used a rivet but it had to be added after the stone because of design. Also solder was necessary as the rivet was inside the ring shank. I wound up using a combo of a “mud” by Vigor and Cool Jool along with easy solder. It worked and I am lucky and pleased. Will attach picture

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Laser or pulse arch welder

I have used both products successfully but I am curious—did you mix them together? If so, how much was applied and how close to the solder joint?
Beautiful ring, by the way!


I mounded the messy mud and buried the stone with riveted figure. You have to be sure and put some kind of registration mark to keep silver figure with rivet in the right place. I then put shank on rivet wire. Since mud is so messy I switched to Kool Jool after adding flux and small pallet of easy solder next to wire. With small paint brush I cleaned area immediately next to wire of any Kool Jool and added more flux. No 7 tip Smith torch, fast and hot concentration on base of wire at shank…and it worked very much to my amazement!

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