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Solder not flowing on bangle

Hi everyone - I have been soldering without much problems on Argentium Silver. I am trying to solder a small bezel to the end of a bangle. The solder is not flowing at all, but I have checked that the seams are tight, it is clean and filed.

My feeling is that the bangle is too thick to heat up using my Proxxon Microflame Butane Torch, and simply not getting hot enough.

I work on a tiny bench that I’ve built on top of my small home office in a tiny apartment, not sure what to do to get this to the right heat.

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You’re right, the bangle is too thick for that torch (I know, I’ve tried :slightly_smiling_face:) You can use two of those butane torches to heat from both sides and build a little “cave” with solder bricks to keep the heat in while soldering (and I make sure you have good ventilation for any of the work you do!)

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Yup. The torch is too small. An EZ Torch may be able to do this work for you. My brother has one and uses it a lot for annealing and small jobs. I have never tried so I can’t say if it will be a success. Trying to run two small torches would be cumbersome for me as I have some hand injuries. But I like that suggestion.

Good luck.

Don Meixner


Thanks I have ordered a second torch and will try some dual-wielding welding.

Would there be a chance that I might melt my tiny bezel and what can I do to prevent that?

Of course! That’s part of the thrill :wink: I’m no expert but what I would do it concentrate the heat on the bangle and when it gets to the dull red start moving the flame towards the bezel. You’ll have a bit of a heat sink with the 3rd hand holding the bezel. Also depends on what hardness of solder you’re using.