Solder in NJ

Hi all, Can anyone suggest a means in or around central NJ where one
might learn basic silver soldering?

Thanks in advance,

There is a good teacher in the Frenchtown area of NJ, her name is
Marti Brown and her school is called The Odyssey. The phone number is
(908) 996-0777. Also, try a search on, there are several
other schools with metalsmithing departments in the state. Good luck
and jump on in, the water’s fine!

Hi Elyssa, Peter’s Valley Craft Education Center in Layton has a
wonderfully varied series of workshops, including a bunch on
metalworking (fine metals). I’d suggest checking out their

You don’t say specifically where you are, but if Bucks County
(Newtown) isn’t too far a hike, there’s Bucks County Community
College, which has an excellent jewelrysmithing program (as a matter
of fact, they have excellent arts programs all round, including
sculpture and foundry). Quite easy on the budget, too, even for
out-of-county residents.

Otherwise, I’d look at your local colleges/universities and see if
any of them have jewelry programs (I don’t know personally about

Oh, and if you get interested in PMC, there’s Chris Darway in
Lambertville – excellent artist and runs PMC classes out of the

Good luck!
Karen Goeller