Solder-filled jump rings in a kiln

I’m trying to find the magic formula for soldering jump rings in a
kiln. I have a PMC kiln from Rio, and piles of solder-filled jump
rings. I weave the jump rings into fairly intricate chainmail
pieces and then I want to cook them at the right temperature for the
appropriate time and have insta-soldered pieces.


Anyone out there done this?
Am I insane to be considering it?

The wire I’m using has a solder core that melts at 1175F and flows
at 1290F. The one test I did was a fast ramp to 1300F, hold for 10
minutes, then off. The rings got WAY over-cooked. (Total kiln
firing time of 23 minutes.)

I’m thinking that the next test will be to get the kiln up to
temperature and THEN put the test piece in, hold for maybe 5
minutes, then cool.

Anyone have experience that may give me a shortcut? I’m not looking
forward to the uneducated hit-or-miss experiments.